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From Geelong, Australia

"Josh's presentation was very informative and he was more than happy to share his experiences and knowledge which was great. An inspiration for young baseballers".

From Melbourne, Australia

"Awesome speech! Very interesting and well worth a listen".

From Melbourne, Australia

"Josh really showed us how hard but how good the Baseball Life is and to get there you have to work hard".

From Melbourne, Australia

"Great speech. All the information was very helpful and I learned a lot".

From Melbourne, Australia

"As a parent of two young baseballer's wishing to go too College in America, I have found the process of understanding the eligibility process extremely confusing.

Josh came to the Victorian Schoolboys training and conducted a fantastic information session explaining the process and his journey to obtain College scholarship. I definitely have left the session with a better understanding".

From Perth, Australia

I would like to say thank you for your very informative presentation on "The College Pathway". As a parent from Australia, it was great to hear about your journey and get some finer information about the College recruitment process. I found the section on the recruitment video extremely helpful and I look forward to sharing my sons College pathway with you in the future. I highly recommend Built Baseball as a resource for future Australian College Baseball aspirants.

From Perth, Australia

"As a father of a son who wishes to explore the opportunity and experience of College Baseball,  Josh's presentation and candid conversation gave me an insight to a side of College and Professional recruitment, both pre and post, that I was not fully aware of. There are many "how to coach your son to get a scholarship" video's but Josh's conversation and engagement approach is not only refreshing but needed to help both parents and players navigate the College System.Not everyone wants to Sign a Pro Contract, some want to go to College to be a better baseball player and enjoy the experience".

From Geelong, Australia

"After participating in a 1 on 1 throwing session with Josh Spence from Built Baseball, I was left feeling confident about my own current ability through his easygoing attitude and excitement to my successes through the session. Josh was great at delving into not only the physical side of pitching but it’s mental counterpart to eliminate failures, which can be attributed to his openness to discuss his own successes in the game. Despite this being my first time alone with Josh, I felt like I’d known him for years and building a connection as pitchers came quickly. As it’s not everyday a former big leaguer is in town, I am very grateful for the opportunity to learn from the best and would encourage other young pitchers to take the chance and learn what is missing from their game. Thanks Josh".

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