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Pitching 101 Workshop

January, Monday 20th, 2020.

​A big thank you to the Geelong Baseball Club for allowing me to host my event at their field and to Graeme Lloyd (Former MLB Pitcher and two-time World Series Champion) for spending the day with us and parting valuable knowledge.

The Pitching 101 Workshop introduced young pitchers to:


  • Understanding the pitching Delivery 

  • Enhancing their throwing program 

  • How to create Kinetic Energy from a stationary position

  • Drills to help improve mechanical sequences within their Deliveries

  • How to field your position (The 15 plays we need to know as Pitchers)

  • Gripping the baseball and how to manipulate spin

  • Controlling the run game

Thank you,
Josh Spence
Founder of Built Baseball

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