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Online Pitching Evaluation

The goal of the online evaluation is to give young baseball players insight into how they can enhance their game. 

The feedback given will include:
- Strengths and Weaknesses in your fundamentals  
- A plan of attack going forward to grow your game

How it works:

Step 1= Send in your videos for Josh to critique.

Step 2= Once Josh has critiqued your video, you will be sent a written report as well as voice-over tutelage of your current fundamentals.

Step 3= Video call with Josh to clarify the report, answer questions and help further explain anything necessary. 

Step 4= After 2 weeks there will be a follow up phone call to see how your progression has begun. 

​This service costs: $75.00 AUD. Once the payment has been acquired you will then receive an invite through the email address you have provided at checkout on how to submit your videos for evaluation. 

Would you like to see what an example of what a video evaluation looks like? 


$75.00 AUD

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