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About Built

   Founded by former MLB Pitcher and College Baseball standout Josh Spence. Built Baseball was created to be a stepping stone for those looking to get better at their game to mentoring families on their pursuit to be recruited to play college baseball in the United States.


   Making a decision to pursue this endeavor which will take you across the other side of the world can be both daunting and exciting. Through our methods we want you to leave certain of your decision. We are here to help educate you about the processes and guide you through the steps from recruitment, to scholarship negotiation and finally acquiring your visa for travel. 


   We want to prepare you for everything that can happen, both good and bad. As you go through the system you’ll learn a lot (and we are here to help shorten that curve), however one thing Built can’t stress enough is that there are no guarantees in this game (Collegiately and Professionally). There are many scenarios that COULD happen however through our vetting process the chances are substantially lower. When you sign up you will be given a questionnaire to give us a better understanding what college program is the right fit for you. 


   Built works with players on both sides of the scale - From Top Prospects to Players who are still learning their craft looking for an incredible life experience, we are here to show you the pathway into College Baseball as an International High-School student. 


   College Baseball to an American High-School player is a right of passage, to learn more about yourself away from home whilst furthering your education. 


  There is no where else in the world you can pursue both your athletic and academic goals on this type of platform, so take advantage of it today and put your trust in Built Baseball to help navigate your path. 

Thank you, 

Josh Spence

- College Baseball All-American (At both NJCAA & NCAA levels)

- Australias Highest MLB Draft Pick (110th Overall, 2009)

- 29th Australian to play MLB (Debut, 24/6/11) 

To find out more about Josh Spence - Click Here

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